Apple is adding a new category for shopping apps in its App Store!

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Apple is adding a new category for shopping apps in its App Store that will allow people to find e-commerce apps more easily.

Apple iPhone and iPad users will now see a dedicated Shopping app in the list of categories of apps in the App Store. Previously, shopping apps were a segment of the lifestyle section of the store. With the shopping category, Apple AAPL 2.71% will now have 25 different categories of apps.
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Paribus vs Spycob – Techcrunch favorite #1 from Y Combinator summer 2015 demo 2 VS Spycob ALL always WIN-WIN-WIN

Compare Paribus vs Spycob (win-win-fail&win-win-win)

Compare Paribus vs Spycob

What Paribus do: Most online retailers — the Amazons, Neweggs, and Best Buys of the world — have price guarantees, promising to give you the difference if something ends up being cheaper within a few weeks. Most buyers just don’t keep track. Paribus does it for you. The company only makes money when it finds savings, as it takes a 25 percent commission – the “success fee”. Continue reading

Spycob iOS Alpha Build is here!

We have launched alpha Spycob  iOS App for testing.

The First Spycob screenshots:


There is a feed on 1st and 2nd pic, item description on 3rd pic and filters on last pic Spycob app.