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– What is this?

We are developing subscriptions platform (iOs and Android app Spycobweb, chrome extension) to help fashionistas do not overpay while shopping by providing them a fashion goods sales with discounts more than 50%.


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It’s like Pinterest for the biggest deals

We are developing a mobile application with multi-screen technology to help fashion-mongers and people with average income not to overpay. We find bargains and create catalogue for goods with over 50% discounts. – Details More details – How do we do it? We are using the most modern and sophisticated technologies like  azure machine learning, analytical algorithms, filters, automated push, Whatsapp&Viber notifications.  Why do we do it?  –  We want everybody to be beautiful without overpaying 😉 Geo our mobile users on 28 feb 2015 🙂

Our Users

Our Users