Paribus vs Spycob – Techcrunch favorite #1 from Y Combinator summer 2015 demo 2 VS Spycob ALL always WIN-WIN-WIN

Compare Paribus vs Spycob (win-win-fail&win-win-win)

Compare Paribus vs Spycob

What Paribus do: Most online retailers — the Amazons, Neweggs, and Best Buys of the world — have price guarantees, promising to give you the difference if something ends up being cheaper within a few weeks. Most buyers just don’t keep track. Paribus does it for you. The company only makes money when it finds savings, as it takes a 25 percent commission – the “success fee”.

User-Paribus-Store – Win-Win-Fail

This is not a good proposition for stores, because if there are 1 item on sale they should return money for other items which were sold at normal price. It means no more discounts, no more clearance.

In Spycob we have the similar model, but we offer a win-win strategy for stores too. We just help to sell products which the stores are selling right now.