Spycob pitches at the Live Sharks Tank event (San Francisco)

Dear all!

For those of you in the Bay Area, please join us at the 35 episode of “Live Sharks Tank ®” pitch+demo & VIP party, May 20, 2016 at Ruby Skye (San Francisco). Spycob will be pitching to investors, would be awesome to see some familiar (and hopefully friendly) faces in the crowd.

As a pitching startup we get to invite guests and we have a promo code for you for 50% off the cover. Go to Live Sharks Tank and use promo code for 50% discount: 50percent.

Unlike other startup events, Sharktank is held in a bar/club, so come for drinks and networking anyway. Ruby Skye, the  venue host is providing Happy Hour Beverages from the moment you walk in the door! This evening we will have business networking, table-top demos, startups pitching, sharks voting, then stay for the VIP- Party, you must be age is 21+ to enter.