The subscription model similar to ours is validated by YCombinator

Yesterday was  YCombinator demo day:
There was a startup, Restocks – Push notifications for the fashion obsessed. Restocks tells consumers when certain sought-after brands (Supreme, Yeezy, etc.) go up for sale. The similar business model to ours, but we’re focusing on the best sales over 50% off. And it doesn’t matter is it new arrival or not, we will inform consumers if that item is selling at half price and better.

Users tell Restocks which brands they like, and Restocks monitors a wide array of sites. They charge users $25 per year. Our Spycob has the same business model: we’re going to charge users for notification about sales on their favorite brands.

When we launched Spycob many  people were telling us that our business model won’t work and  customers won’t  pay for notifications, but now more than 23000 people use our application, and we are working on a B2B version  for leading retail marketplaces.  The interest of Ycombinator  and major e-commerce platforms shows  that selling notifications model  is viable and has a promising future. Go Giant! Go Spycob!